‘Why Should I Volunteer’ ?

To Begin lets understand that Volunteering provides a great opportunity for people at any stage of their career development to gain experience and highlight their business skills to a new and wider audience.

11933459_874919125897231_2038288850642522868_nHere are a few Benefits of volunteering –

  • Gain practical experience that is currently lacking on your CV
  • Stand out from the crowd which is desirable for employers
  • Opportunity to work in an industry that interests you and is aligned with your values
  • Many volunteer roles display experience in communication, management, teamwork and using your initiative
  • Meet new people and expand your network
  • Opportunity to develop and improve your social and relationship building skills
  • Provides a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction

Keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system, which in turn protects you against stress and depression when you’re going through challenging times.

To achieve the most from your volunteering experience make time to identify your 4goals and interests and importantly why you want to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities that match both your goals and your interests are most likely the ones you will find to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Register today! – http://www.bit.ly/iVolReg


Content source – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-volunteer-nicki-cresswell

Kundan Srivastava (Volunteer Hero category)

KundanKundan Srivastava is a Software engineer by profession and a Young Social Activist, Philanthropist. He has Authored a book which speaks about the Social conditions of Women in India.

He is CEO & Founder of Be In Humanity Foundation and Co-Founder of Screams Of Soul.

His journey of social work/ volunteering started in 2004 when he was studying in class 10th. During that time, He was kidnapped from Raxaul but he managed to escape! It was then when he realised how people who are helpless, feel like.

 He says “I volunteer because my mission in life is to spread humanity and remove poverty from the world and see every human being as equal citizen of the world. As a Social Activist, i work for humanity cause and crime against Women. I am a friend to every human being because what you or your loved one, may not want to fight for, I will fight it for you and get you the justice you deserve.”

11147158_1075589949121365_4548813521993315121_nHe along with with his NGO, Help people register cases that are not looked at or even considered. Thanks to his NGO sometimes a lawyer is also provided to the victim if needed.

 “I am fearless activist working for crime against women is the biggest outcome of my volunteering. We feel it’s our responsibility to make our kids morally strong and make this society safe for daughters, mothers and sisters in India.”

One of the other projects he has helped in was for orphan’s and poorer communities children’s for better  education. Be In Humanity Foundation led by Kundan Srivastava and team reached in Village area before 3 days of event and met with students, guardians and school team and decided to donate fund to all students who don’t able to study reason of money and various facilities.1375701_971380772875617_2645541786456525936_n

“I had seen that millions of children live in the streets of cities scattered in India. While their presence may be noticed in developed as well as developing countries, however, the majority of street children live in India.”

You can know more and follow Kundan Srivastava.

Know your Finalist – Madhish Parikh (Volunteer Hero Category)

MadhishMadhish Nilesh Parikh an Engineer & Finalist of the iVolunteer Awards speaks of his volunteering journey.. “I am From Ahmedabad and one of the reasons I took up volunteering is to bring about a better Society, Make a Change and create a Social Impact. Volunteering also gives me immense Satisfaction & Happiness. One of my first memories of volunteering includes being part of a Blood Donation Camp and then i worked in almost all possible areas being a student.”

Madhish was an instrumental part of a Project Rang Amaizi – A unique wall painting competition that was taken up as a National Project of NSS by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. Some of his accolades include “Best NSS Volunteer” by Gujarat Technological University, “Indira Gandhi NSS Award” which was presented by then President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee.


When quizzed about the hardships one face while volunteering, here’s what madhish had to say, “The only hardship was effective implementation of the activity which should create an impact on the society and that was properly managed by pre-planning and critical thinking. I always believe that every problem has a solution and work to achieve it.’’

Madhish goes on to say that “ Volunteers fight for a better society and try to bring a positive change. The change cannot be sudden but it lays the foundation for a better place to live in. Volunteering not only makes a better society but also a better individual who volunteers and makes the society more global par from all differences.

iMADHISH NILESH PARIKH 3Volunteer Awards honors the individuals who tend to bring a positive change in the society by their volunteering works. This not only boosts their productivity but also motivates and inspires others towards volunteering.

“India is a Young Nation with nearly 65 percentage youths, India requires active participation of youths for building a better India. The youths should take the leadership for initiating projects for a better India to live in.”

#InspireByExample #iVolunteerAwards

Aarti Madhusudan shares her thoughts on Volunteering and Skill based Volunteering

531920_455692721182865_1416893370_nAarti Madhusudan, a Whiteboard program manager and a DaanUtsav volunteer has been volunteering for as long as she can remember.

I was fortunate to go to schools that encouraged this and also came from a family that had a strong tradition of giving back. I was therefore very clear about what I wished to do, from very young on. I have a masters in social work from Tata institute of social sciences, an M Phil from NIMHANS. Over the years, post my graduation and having worked with a few NGOS, began to develop an interest in how NGos were governed, how does their Board work, and what could one do to make them more efficient. I was fortunate to get a Fellowship to spend some time at Board source, in Washington, which enabled me to get deeper insights into the role of non profit /NGO governance.

What does volunteering mean to you? – It validates me. I enjoy giving back and actually realise that I do so because it brings ME great joy- I meet some amazing people, inspiring, kind, interesting …its wonderful

How have you got involved with skill based volunteering? – Had a number of friends who managed or ran different NGOs and  who kept telling me that they need more help in their NGO – much of the help needed was around enabling their organisations to become more effective – through improving core management areas such as marketing, HR, finance, systems etc . Also on the other hand , found corporate professionals mid to senior willing to spend a few hours helping organisations and also wanting to give back meaningfully through their knowledge and expertise. Whiteboard was an initiative that was created to make both sides of the issue meet to create a win- win situation.

Can you explain what is Skill Based Volunteering (SBV) and its importance and relevance today- Non profits struggle with finding support for core management areas in terms of core competence  at an affordable price. They also do not usually need this expertise full time. SBV is a means to harness the existing skills that we have in people, willing to volunteer their time, to enable NGOs in the areas that they struggle with.

For an organisation, what are the benefits of involving their employees in SBV – The single biggest benefit, is that it pushes the employee to try and use her/his skills in a far more challenging and resource constrained context. It also develops sensitivity in the employee towards social causes and hopefully instils a greater sense of duty as opposed to entitlement

What are the benefits to a volunteer who are involved in SBV? – It offers the opportunity to every individual to bring out the best in themselves both from a goodness point of view as well as from a competence/expertise point of view.

I would like to conclude by saying, one must volunteer in whatever way possible in order to aid to the social development of our country. It leaves you with a great feeling knowing you have done your bid to society.

A Detour From Routine

Meet Sagnya Das, a young software engineer from Bangalore… Here is her story of virtual volunteering amidst her busy and routine IT lifel! 


I was a Software Engineer frustrated with my routine life. Sounds like a cliché, Right?

Yet it was true. Sitting in a tiny cubicle in this sprawling city of Bangalore made me crave for a different experience, a sense of purpose!

Hence I started volunteering. My encounter with volunteering activities started with CSR activities in my previous company, Infosys. The experiences had profound impact on me .They gave me a way to connect with people and in a way with myself. After I moved from Infosys, I was looking for a similar kind of opportunity. I was Googling and found iVolunteer, an organization which brings volunteers and NGOs to the same table for social development. Hence without delay I signed up and forwarded my resume.

Since I had some experience in CSR activities, I was mapped to an NGO – Cheshire Homes India which was looking at positioning itself better among the corporate circle and wanted volunteers to help collect data on corporate CSR spending and specifically those that fund projects on Disability – for training, education and employment search. My project was to collect information regarding contributions by various corporate to the field of disability. I studied annual financial reports of corporate to find their budget allocated to CSR activities in disability sector. After a few days I had short listed a few companies having headquarters in Bangalore who contributed towards disability sector. The study was enriching personally as I came across many unique initiatives started by organizations to help people with special needs. An initiative which stood out was that of a free match – making service provided by Bharat Matrimony, a thoughtful initiative indeed!

I proceeded to collect contact information of CSR anchors. This was a bit tricky since details are not readily available on the website or the internet. I reached out to my network of friends and family working in those companies and slowly the information started building up. Following this, I drafted a Concept letter to be sent by the NGO to those companies appealing to join hands in this initiative – to help people rewrite their destiny.

At the end of a month’s time, I handed over the data and the concept letter to Cheshire Homes India, and I felt happy to have contributed, although in a small manner, to their cause and their visibility as an organization.

This venture has given the perfect detour from my routine life and an opportunity to interact with people working for a vision which has inspired me. In the course of this project, I gained insights on work being done by people in this sector. Over visits to Cheshire Home, I saw people working to make the world a kinder place and I am glad to have got a small part in it.

To volunteer with us, click here! 

Volunteering grooms you!!


What happens when one picks up a job which he doesn’t want to but manages to complete it with a victorious grin?? The job becomes the most cherished memory of life for that one.

So was the case for a rural volunteering project which was thrown at me in a remote location with limited hands, resources and budget. I had no intentions to execute this one, I did however because of having no choices but I can look back and see it to be the most enriching, cherished and happiest projects of my life… I have handled over 100 mass volunteering engagements and have been leading Pan India corporate volunteering projects for over 3 years now but this was the one which taught me the MOST!

I learnt many things but the ones which I will continue to groom are:

  • How relationships develop from just a volunteer to a friend,
  • How you can rely on your network and give them an unique experience which will keep them coming back to you,
  • How you can groom a new joinee and
  • How your so called office boy takes away the lions share in planning and execution.
  • People management is my forte but managing people who have no accountability to you is something which I learnt in this project.
  • Monitoring a project remotely and able to complete it within the time frame was another learning.

The real importance of team work, multiple sites at same location, adhering to the time-frame and ability to get attention of 250+ people at the same time was truely amazing. What takes to be my most memorable moment in the project was orienting 250+ people and never losing their attention to anything else in surrounding J I am getting better- Thanks Shalabh for pushing me in this and for giving me yet another opportunity to prove myself!!

Virtual Volunteering – A quick memoir

I have always made small monetary contributions towards good causes. However just donating money did not count as a big deal to me. This talk by Simon Sinek explains why giving away your time and effort is more important than giving away money. Also I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and get an insider view on the issues.

This is when the “Impact Volunteer” opportunity came about. Considering the amount of time I had at hand, I signed up for a virtual volunteering project from their monthly list.

Cut to the chase. What did I work on?

NeedBaseIndia wanted to have a payment gateway integrated in their website. Third party transfer works, however it is not as convenient as being able to donate with you credit or debit card.

After some research we were able to identify a Payment Gateway provider who was willing to provide the service at zero installation charge and zero annual maintenance cost for nonprofits. So we quickly got to work with completing their Merchant Application process. I visited NeedBaseIndia once to explain them what I had in mind about the integration and got their feedback. Needless to say, even though I was mostly doing virtual volunteering, a personal visit always inspires you to get the job done well.

While I was at it, Sumukha Foundation had already completed the paperwork with the same Payment Gateway provider. So it was just a matter of making some code changes. Both websites went live with Payment Gateway integration about the same time.

It was not smooth sailing throughout though. Paperwork took a while for NeedBaseIndia. We were delayed because of some logistical issues. Even after the MOU was signed the nodal account setup took longer than usual. A lot of follow up was required.

However the nonprofit founders Mr. Rahim and Dr. Sunil were very helpful and patient through all this.

We have tested both websites and they are ready to receive donations through Debit and Credit cards. Please do have a look and contribute if you feel compelled by the cause.

  1. NeedBaseIndia
  2. SumukhaFoundation

My contribution is minuscule in comparison to the work that actual grass root level volunteers do. However making a little dent through the Impact Volunteer program has at least got me started. Hope to keep the ball rolling and continue paying it forward.


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