‘Taare Zameen Par’ – A children’s day celebration in Kolkata

On the Advent of Children’s day some volunteers came to it on 14th November, on the birthday of our very own former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, fondly known as Chacha Nehru.
He emphasized the importance of giving love and care to children as they are the future of the nation & in the truest sense of the aforesaid Round Table India, a Non-Governmental institution which works for the development of the under privileged, organised a wonderful event called ‘Taare Zameen Par’ here in the city at Swabhumi, Kolkata.11209610_907068532682290_7193714152922935588_n

Children from the marginalized section of the society were brought together with help of many Activity partners including iVolunteer. Our very own Tanveer led the show for iVolunteer.


The celebration kicked off in a very unique way− a drawing competition for approximately 2000 children was setup to showcase their talent along with Magic show, Puppet show, Joy rides – Ball pool and jumping ring, Distribution of Biscuits, Snacks, Fruits, Lunch, Ice creams, goodie bags to the kids.

12239692_907069246015552_8679142362167093113_nThis was a wonderful initiative by the organizers that was led by volunteers who share love with these underprivileged children.  That’s the power of volunteerism!

Original article source – http://www.thebeaconkolkata.co.in/childrens-day-celebration-with-the-less-fortunate/

The Wave of social change. Stories brought to light by the iVolunteer Awards!

So on a visit to the villages of India during a rural internship project, lead then MBA students Shalabh Sahai and Rahul Nainwal to start iVolunteer. The Non-Governmental Organisation or NGO-volunteer connection programme started in 2001 and has been organizing the #iVolunteerAwards for volunteers and NGOs for the last three years.

Co-founder Shalabh Sahai says, “We started with the premise that there are a large number of NGOs in Mumbai as well as India and that connectivity to these is difficult for the common person who wants to volunteer. At the time we started, iVolunteer was purely online. The digital revolution in India had just started. Rahul and I were studying in Pune so we started everything from a small hostel room.”

Thanks to the Awards, many Volunteering stories that Inspire by example have been brought to light.

Niraj-Ramjiyani-1This concept helped Information Technology (IT) professional Niraj Ramjiyani to volunteer with Toybank, an NGO that works with children. He says, “An urge to give back to society, to spread smiles and share happiness inspired me to spend my free time volunteering. Children’s shelters, hospital wards, old age homes and similar places afforded enough opportunities to volunteer. But the work Toybank was doing touched my heart.”  He says, “I am really grateful to iVolunteer for helping me to help others. Volunteering is much simpler and one can choose the cause that he or she wants with ease, rather than search for an NGO, oneself which is time consuming and often, a tiresome affair.”


Pravin Tulpule, a retired officer from the Indian Navy is now a professional clown also working for Toybank. He says, “I like to consider myself a professional clown, and magical ‘Edutainer’ who spreads laughter, joy and happiness all around me. My clown persona is ‘Happy Toybanker’ and I visit slums, children’s shelters, anganwadis, orphanages, etc to spread smiles. Clowning helps break barriers and connect easily with children.”

Tulpule also volunteers with SPROUTS, an NGO that spreads awareness about the environment, anti-littering, pollution, water conservation, rainwater harvesting among other things. Between 2012 to 2014 his clown avatar Happy has visited 400 schools in and around Mumbai to conduct the ‘Go Green’ Clown Acts.

He says, “I try to spread messages on serious issues with humour. This works very well for adults and children. Making others happy gives me immense joy and satisfaction and so I volunteer with two NGOs and work with many organisations to help as many people as I can, and make this world a better place.”

Kannupriya-Sethi-and-SandipBachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student Kannupriya Sethi also has similar wishes. The Bhumi (an NGO that works with youth, education and environment) volunteer says, “Initially, when you join, you don’t know how things will work out. You join for a purpose. Mine was to impact lives positively in any way I can. So I started with it. The smiles on the faces of kids when I meet and work with them inspires me to give more.” Sethi says, “Under the guidance of Rajashri Sai, one of the Bhumi coordinators, I approached orphanages in Mumbai in July last year, when Bhumi in Mumbai, particularly, was weak and had no significant presence. Centres were identified, and after contacting at least 35 centres, we found a centre where we presently teach Maths and Computers at.” Working from scratch has helped the 19-year-old grow as a person. She says, “I was looking for an education related NGO where I could volunteer. There were big NGOs that were options, but I wanted to work for an organisation which was growing and struggling. The good part about Bhumi is they accept you as their family member, make you feel at ease, and the entire team is amazingly enthusiastic.”

Through iVolunteer, Sandip G Patil is helping 30 NGOs in Mumbai and Thane with his IT skills. He donated an app he created to Sankalp Foundation which works in the field of education. The app helps students earn and learn.
He says, “I also counsel students when it comes to personal issues as well as their careers and conduct confidence building sessions, too. I help NGOs to make new websites and create awareness campaigns for students. I also help with book distribution and free seminars.”


Civil engineer Ratish Ramachandran is a football enthusiast and he has been using his love for the beautiful game to give to others. The 24-year-old says, “I work with Vision Rescue, an NGO that seeks to transform the lives of underprivileged children through sport. I work with kids in Shivaji Nagar slum and take regular football coaching sessions for them. Sport teaches you a lot of life skills such as hard work, leadership, team spirit, the right competitive attitude, taking a loss positively. Most importantly, it keeps one fit and healthy, which is a necessity for underprivileged children who do not have proper access to food.” Play There are two sessions every week — on Wednesday and Saturday at 7 am. The slum has an open ground next to it which is used as a practice ground. Ramachandran says, “Initially, there were 10 kids, this increased to almost 25 kids in a few more sessions as the children really enjoyed football as a sport and were very excited to learn. The process of teaching is better when the students also have an equal passion.”

Explaining how he learnt about iVolunteer, Ramachandran says, “I came to know about iVolunteer through my workplace. I have always believed that giving back to society is very essential. Volunteering gives me peace of mind and satisfaction.”

When Sahai and Nainwal started iVolunteer, many NGOs were unaware of going online and the power of the web, so getting people onboard was tough. “In 2003, we started iVolunteer in Mumbai and at that time there was a big mismatch between volunteers and NGOs. There was a lot of on field work that was done to convince NGOs to seek volunteers online,” says Sahai.


But today, iVolunteer has more than 300 NGOs across India whom they help to get volunteers into. “We also partner with international NGOs and help volunteers go to Asia, Africa and South America to help the less fortunate there. The volunteers and NGOs are not charged, we have various corporate partnerships that fund iVolunteer,” says Sahai.
The Mumbai resident adds, “Many corporate companies look for employees who are socially aware. The exposure that volunteering gives is very positive and helps in business management. We started a white board initiative which is a programme that helps volunteers guide NGO boards and deal with challenges. These comprise senior professionals, homemakers, senior citizens and others. Volunteering opens many avenues for those involved in it.”

iVolunteer and some of its associated causes:

  • Education
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Environment
  • Health\
  • Gender Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Disability
  • Youth Welfare
  • Elderly People Welfare
  • Child Welfare
  • Active Citizenship

Try Volunteering today! – www.bit.ly/iVolReg

Original Article Source – http://m.mid-day.com/articles/ivolunteer-helping-those-interested-in-serving-society/16578153

Click the Change

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Click the Change 
The photography contest capturing Social Change in Action…

A positive social change is at work all around. Unfortunately, many are not able to capture it. At the same time, credible NGOs face an acute shortage of quality photographs that could help them to communicate their work.

Eligibility criteria for Submission

• The photograph has to be original (minimum 300 dpi). It has to be shot and owned by you
• The photo must be accompanied with completed Nomination Form
• The photo must depict ‘Social Change in Action’

How do I go about it?
Just load your arms (camera) & let your instincts guide you to capture what you believe is ‘Social Change in Action’. You can always rummage through your photo library and find that apt photograph too.

  • Apply here – http://bit.ly/iVolCTC
  • Send us your entry(Photograph) and your captions as an email to awards@ivolunteer.org.in
  • We will then upload your Entry (Image) on to our Facebook Page for you to share and promote it!

What happens next?logo_photographer_camera_video

Your entry will be screened as per the criterion and it will also be uploaded to our Facebook page, where you can promote it for people to appreciate, share and like it.

The Award category  

1)Popular Choice Award (Based on your ‘Facebook Likes’/Votes)

1 Facebook Like’ = 1 Vote

We will upload your Entry (Photograph) to our iVolunteer – Facebook page after which you can Promote your Entry and increase your chances of winning.

2) Jury Choice Award (Chosen by a distinguished Jury) If  your photograph stands out from the rest, you surely stand a chance to win this category.

What do Awardees get?

Apart from being showcased across various platforms, iVolunteer will also donate 5,000 INR each, towards the winner’s favorite charity.

Important Release guidelines 

If the photograph contains any material or elements that are not owned by the entrant and/or which are subject to the rights of third parties, and/or if any persons appear in the photograph, the entrant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission of the photograph, any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the exhibition and use of the photograph in the manner set forth in these Rules without additional compensation.

Usage Rights

By entering the Contest, all entrants grant an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive rights to Authorized Parties, to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the entries (along with a name credit) in connection with the Contest and promotion of the Contest, in any media now or hereafter known. If there are any recognisable people in your photographs then you will have to take prior written permissions as consent allowing you to use them in the photograph. Similarly, ensure your entry does not contain Private properties, logos and brands without their written consent.

Display or publication of any entry on an Authorized Party’s website does not indicate the entrant will be selected as a winner. Authorized Parties will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such use.

Additionally, by entering, each entrant grants to Authorized Parties the unrestricted right to use all statements made in connection with the Contest, and pictures or likenesses of Contest entrants, or choose not to do so, at their sole discretion. Authorized Parties will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such use.

Disclaimer – By applying for this contest you agree with all of the guidelines stated, and you are willingly giving your consent to iVolunteer to use and distribute your submitted photograph to empower social development. As the creator of the submitted photograph, you also give full usage rights and approve the use of this photograph without claiming any further rights. As the Organizer, we reserves the right to amend the contest rules or terminate the contest at any time without any liability to any Entrant. In the event of any dispute concerning the operation of any element of the contest or these contest Rules, the decision of the Organizer will be final.

As iVolunteer, we will do our best in trying to give you credits as a photographer i.e. if your photograph is used in Print, Digital media,video or any source of media.

Thank you for undertaking this noble endeavor. Inspire by Example and promote volunteerism!

‘Why Should I Volunteer’ ?

To Begin lets understand that Volunteering provides a great opportunity for people at any stage of their career development to gain experience and highlight their business skills to a new and wider audience.

11933459_874919125897231_2038288850642522868_nHere are a few Benefits of volunteering –

  • Gain practical experience that is currently lacking on your CV
  • Stand out from the crowd which is desirable for employers
  • Opportunity to work in an industry that interests you and is aligned with your values
  • Many volunteer roles display experience in communication, management, teamwork and using your initiative
  • Meet new people and expand your network
  • Opportunity to develop and improve your social and relationship building skills
  • Provides a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction

Keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system, which in turn protects you against stress and depression when you’re going through challenging times.

To achieve the most from your volunteering experience make time to identify your 4goals and interests and importantly why you want to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities that match both your goals and your interests are most likely the ones you will find to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Register today! – http://www.bit.ly/iVolReg


Content source – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-volunteer-nicki-cresswell

Kundan Srivastava (Volunteer Hero category)

KundanKundan Srivastava is a Software engineer by profession and a Young Social Activist, Philanthropist. He has Authored a book which speaks about the Social conditions of Women in India.

He is CEO & Founder of Be In Humanity Foundation and Co-Founder of Screams Of Soul.

His journey of social work/ volunteering started in 2004 when he was studying in class 10th. During that time, He was kidnapped from Raxaul but he managed to escape! It was then when he realised how people who are helpless, feel like.

 He says “I volunteer because my mission in life is to spread humanity and remove poverty from the world and see every human being as equal citizen of the world. As a Social Activist, i work for humanity cause and crime against Women. I am a friend to every human being because what you or your loved one, may not want to fight for, I will fight it for you and get you the justice you deserve.”

11147158_1075589949121365_4548813521993315121_nHe along with with his NGO, Help people register cases that are not looked at or even considered. Thanks to his NGO sometimes a lawyer is also provided to the victim if needed.

 “I am fearless activist working for crime against women is the biggest outcome of my volunteering. We feel it’s our responsibility to make our kids morally strong and make this society safe for daughters, mothers and sisters in India.”

One of the other projects he has helped in was for orphan’s and poorer communities children’s for better  education. Be In Humanity Foundation led by Kundan Srivastava and team reached in Village area before 3 days of event and met with students, guardians and school team and decided to donate fund to all students who don’t able to study reason of money and various facilities.1375701_971380772875617_2645541786456525936_n

“I had seen that millions of children live in the streets of cities scattered in India. While their presence may be noticed in developed as well as developing countries, however, the majority of street children live in India.”

You can know more and follow Kundan Srivastava.

Know your Finalist – Madhish Parikh (Volunteer Hero Category)

MadhishMadhish Nilesh Parikh an Engineer & Finalist of the iVolunteer Awards speaks of his volunteering journey.. “I am From Ahmedabad and one of the reasons I took up volunteering is to bring about a better Society, Make a Change and create a Social Impact. Volunteering also gives me immense Satisfaction & Happiness. One of my first memories of volunteering includes being part of a Blood Donation Camp and then i worked in almost all possible areas being a student.”

Madhish was an instrumental part of a Project Rang Amaizi – A unique wall painting competition that was taken up as a National Project of NSS by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. Some of his accolades include “Best NSS Volunteer” by Gujarat Technological University, “Indira Gandhi NSS Award” which was presented by then President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee.


When quizzed about the hardships one face while volunteering, here’s what madhish had to say, “The only hardship was effective implementation of the activity which should create an impact on the society and that was properly managed by pre-planning and critical thinking. I always believe that every problem has a solution and work to achieve it.’’

Madhish goes on to say that “ Volunteers fight for a better society and try to bring a positive change. The change cannot be sudden but it lays the foundation for a better place to live in. Volunteering not only makes a better society but also a better individual who volunteers and makes the society more global par from all differences.

iMADHISH NILESH PARIKH 3Volunteer Awards honors the individuals who tend to bring a positive change in the society by their volunteering works. This not only boosts their productivity but also motivates and inspires others towards volunteering.

“India is a Young Nation with nearly 65 percentage youths, India requires active participation of youths for building a better India. The youths should take the leadership for initiating projects for a better India to live in.”

#InspireByExample #iVolunteerAwards

Aarti Madhusudan shares her thoughts on Volunteering and Skill based Volunteering

531920_455692721182865_1416893370_nAarti Madhusudan, a Whiteboard program manager and a DaanUtsav volunteer has been volunteering for as long as she can remember.

I was fortunate to go to schools that encouraged this and also came from a family that had a strong tradition of giving back. I was therefore very clear about what I wished to do, from very young on. I have a masters in social work from Tata institute of social sciences, an M Phil from NIMHANS. Over the years, post my graduation and having worked with a few NGOS, began to develop an interest in how NGos were governed, how does their Board work, and what could one do to make them more efficient. I was fortunate to get a Fellowship to spend some time at Board source, in Washington, which enabled me to get deeper insights into the role of non profit /NGO governance.

What does volunteering mean to you? – It validates me. I enjoy giving back and actually realise that I do so because it brings ME great joy- I meet some amazing people, inspiring, kind, interesting …its wonderful

How have you got involved with skill based volunteering? – Had a number of friends who managed or ran different NGOs and  who kept telling me that they need more help in their NGO – much of the help needed was around enabling their organisations to become more effective – through improving core management areas such as marketing, HR, finance, systems etc . Also on the other hand , found corporate professionals mid to senior willing to spend a few hours helping organisations and also wanting to give back meaningfully through their knowledge and expertise. Whiteboard was an initiative that was created to make both sides of the issue meet to create a win- win situation.

Can you explain what is Skill Based Volunteering (SBV) and its importance and relevance today- Non profits struggle with finding support for core management areas in terms of core competence  at an affordable price. They also do not usually need this expertise full time. SBV is a means to harness the existing skills that we have in people, willing to volunteer their time, to enable NGOs in the areas that they struggle with.

For an organisation, what are the benefits of involving their employees in SBV – The single biggest benefit, is that it pushes the employee to try and use her/his skills in a far more challenging and resource constrained context. It also develops sensitivity in the employee towards social causes and hopefully instils a greater sense of duty as opposed to entitlement

What are the benefits to a volunteer who are involved in SBV? – It offers the opportunity to every individual to bring out the best in themselves both from a goodness point of view as well as from a competence/expertise point of view.

I would like to conclude by saying, one must volunteer in whatever way possible in order to aid to the social development of our country. It leaves you with a great feeling knowing you have done your bid to society.


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