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Ignite the light and let it shine – Divya Giananey

Divya G Kolkata
My name is Divya Giananey. I am a 2016 graduate pass out and I have a work experience of 9 months in the corporate world as a Financial Service Consultant. I am currently pursuing the course Certified Financial Planning.
Since my early days, I have wanted to be a part of a philanthropic cause and contribute to the society in my own small way. But somehow I could never progress in that direction.
Eventually, in the recent past, I happened to be introduced to Mr. Tanveer Khan, RM of iVolunteer, Kolkata who paved my path and led me to the opportunity I had always been looking for.
My first skill-volunteering assignment was in association with Mentaid which is a non profit organization that works for the benefit of mentally handicapped children.
21 st March is World Down Syndrome day. To celebrate this day, a tram ride was organized around the city to create awareness about children having Down Syndrome. My job was to help with the execution and do the content writing for this campaign.
A variety of thoughts crossed my mind a night before.
Would my teammates be friendly?
Would the children talk to me?
Would I be able to be of any help?
I didn’t think I had it in me to be so actively involved with people I meet the first time. But that day was an exception. In no time of getting at the venue, I found myself interacting, dancing, playing, laughing with the Down’s children and their parents.
Not only, was this my first ever social event with iVolunteer and life in general, but also the best because no other event could be as impactful and emotional. Next, I had to come back home and do the reporting for the event held. Once again, content writing was not something I had done before.
The fact that it was widely appreciated, gave a great deal of boost to my confidence as a writer. This event will forever be etched in my heart as the most touching and heartwarming memory. I was doing things, I didn’t think I was capable of. And this is the message I want to send across.
To be skill volunteering through iVolunteer, helps you discover talents, you didn’t know exist within you. It assists you to, not only, productively use your skills to contribute to the society but also be a responsible person for yourself, your kins and the community at large.


Thank You for reading!
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