Corporate Social Responsibility

​Infinite Family – Mentoring Africa’s Future

This is one of the Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa that I have recently joined. It focuses on providing a Mentor to selected children in Secondary School in some of the most challenging communities in that country. It aims to provide ‘One stable adult relationship’ in the life of those kids that otherwise might not have strong adult role models in their lives, and thus provide them with opportunity, choice and guidance to transform their life.

Recently during Covid-19 crisis, Infinite Family has played a major role in being in contact with the Net Buddies (Mentees), even when they were not able to access the computers to chat with their mentors. They give the kids daily pandemic updates, advice and resources so as to keep them updated and optimistic during these difficult time. They make sure to check on the children twice a day and seven days a week and provide them with credible information about the pandemic, fact check and bust myths, provide them short video haikos by their mentors and show them how to be resilient in face of this lockdown.

I extremely commend the efforts of this organisation and am fortunate to be a part of it. I hope that we in India also can create such a program where people from all over the world can connect with our youth and can provide guidance. In a country like India where English is rapidly becoming not just a language of elite but also a language needed to function and work, it would be helpful for the kids from remote villages to get the chance to converse with native speakers.

I would urge more people to connect and be a part of Infinite Family, and hopefully the one’s with resources can start an inspired initiative in India also. Here is the link to the website- Due to the pandemic, currently mentor selection program is on a pause till atleast 2021 but Net Buddies will appreciate a donation on your part to traverse through these difficult times.

– Vasudha Sharma

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