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Nostalgic Moments | Sachin

I have been part of iVolunteer for the last 10 months, and worked as a part of various campaigns and projects.

The world is facing a pandemic and the whole nation is under lockdown to break the chain of Covid-19. We are caged in our homes for our own safety, and for the safety of others. Our offices are shut, social gathering is not allowed and we cannot go out to have quality time with our friends or families. At this moment, we are desperately in need of something which can make us feel better, strong, and yes, motivated

iVolunteer being an organisation which promotes volunteering has initiated various virtual opportunities for all the passionate volunteers who can give back something to the society.  One of such opportunities is recording audio stories for visually disabled children. 

One day I got mail from my team member about these stories which were recorded by a few lovely volunteers.
I was asked to create videos out of these stories for our youtube channel, which can be used for blind children or NGOs to use at their centres for educational or fun activities.

Image courtesy: http://www.myagilepartner.com

I saw the attachment and downloaded the audio files, listened to the stories and felt a rush of nostalgia! I was transported back to my childhood where I recall reciting these stories during my school days! I was amazed with the stories like Akbar Birbal, Three Little Pigs, Winnie The Pooh and many such. During lockdown what can be more beautiful than the experience of working from home, and the work is to create videos of these stories. I don’t think it’s some kind of task for me because it brings back my emotions of carelessness, happiness and a time without worries. 

I always feel the world is changing, and we are or will be always part of this. 

Let’s embrace every moment and believe in sharing happiness. 
This is what makes us human beings with beautiful souls! 
Thank you to all volunteers for sharing such lovely stories in  your sweet voices!

Checkout created videos on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeQ7kDT1ujWJrPZNbP_4ZS3m6Zn-oK__A

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