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How 17 Volunteers could feed 541 needy people in a day….

17 Volunteers got together today (2nd October 2017) to prepare 541 sandwiches in a matter of 3 hours in Bangalore. Simple ingredients such as safety equipment, coordination, punctuality and of course breads, healthy fillings made it happen! Our leader volunteer – Shilpi Sanyal took the responsibility of making all the arrangements required for preparing the… Continue reading How 17 Volunteers could feed 541 needy people in a day….

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When NGO met NGO with BEO….

About 40 plus NGOs came together to attend the very first NGO Stakeholders introductory programme organized by Block Education Department of South Range – 4 in Bangalore. A novel attempt for knowledge sharing, networking of NGOs, (a few) Corporate and Volunteer groups on the intervention work carried out in Government Schools in the South Range… Continue reading When NGO met NGO with BEO….

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Artwork with (Pro)Active citizens!

Nice initiative, it (makes) city look great. Good for children to get involved in improving infrastructure. They get to know the importance. – Siddhu It is my first time for a painting (engagement), it was nice and good initiative. Nice support from people too.  – Sarath   A cloudy Sunday with some sunshine in the… Continue reading Artwork with (Pro)Active citizens!

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Celebrating International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers

March!!! A very critical month for different population groups – students, companies, chartered accountants etc. If it is examination – a do or die a situation for some then it is the time of the year to look back at mistakes, appraisals, financial closures for others. However, this month also celebrates and recognizes a revolutionary force!… Continue reading Celebrating International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers

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Volunteering is also celebrating

Hasn’t festivals always being about spending time with loved ones? A break from regular life (for present times)? But when you live in a charity home surrounded by just your peers, doesn’t it become just another passing day! I recently visited a Home for Boys on Ugadi. (Ugadi is the welcoming of new year in… Continue reading Volunteering is also celebrating

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Thank You!

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and market it, then you have created a productive entrepreneur!!  True to this essence iVolunteer runs a program called GYAN,  or, Get Your Answers Now – short technical sessions on themes critical to NGOs for their capacity building, effective functioning,… Continue reading Thank You!