Corporate Social Responsibility

In Mumbai: Throw and Grow

The human species is said to be evolving every day of the hour moving towards technology, specifically mobile or movable technology. Over the years computers have been substituted by phones, our grocery stores have been substituted by mobile applications delivering fresh fruits and vegetables right at our doorstep. With the on the going movement of […]

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My First Employee Volunteering Experience

It is true what they say about the developmental sector, your KRA’s are just not achieved to make you happy but along the way, you add happiness to many others. You’ve created an impact not just on yourself but you have somewhere delivered the same level of affection on a larger audience. Been at iVolunteer […]

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10 reasons to Volunteer

If you are exhausted, volunteer. If you are tired of your hectic schedule, volunteer. If you are saturated by your university’s syllabus, volunteer. If you need a break from your work-life imbalanced, you must definitely volunteer. If you are looking for a meaning in your routine lifestyle, volunteer. And finally, if you want to share […]