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Celebrating International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers

March!!! A very critical month for different population groups – students, companies, chartered accountants etc. If it is examination – a do or die a situation for some then it is the time of the year to look back at mistakes, appraisals, financial closures for others. However, this month also celebrates and recognizes a revolutionary force!… Continue reading Celebrating International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers

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Aarti Madhusudan: #PowerInYou

Apart from being the founder of Governance Counts, an initiative that helps strengthen the Boards of NGOs. She is an alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore and has worked both in India and abroad on the subject of good governance. Within iVolunteer,… Continue reading Aarti Madhusudan: #PowerInYou

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Neha Shrivastava: #PowerInYou

      Neha Shrivastava, who grabbed her first work opportunity as a volunteer in a Primary Health center located in the small town of Katra in Jammu. She counselled people on primary health care, avoiding self-medication and preventive health care. Volunteering experience has helped Neha understand what she should look for in a volunteer… Continue reading Neha Shrivastava: #PowerInYou

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Anubha Sharma – #PowerInYou

    After 20 years of working in the corporate dominion, Anubha took a detour from the service industry to serve humanity. In 2012, she set up an NGO called Angel Xpress Foundation (AXF). This platform connects educated adults who want to give back to school going children from slums through tutoring, mentoring programs that… Continue reading Anubha Sharma – #PowerInYou

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Prarthana Prateek Kaul : #PowerInYou

    Meet Mrs. Prarthana Prateek Kaul, a cause marketer, motivational trainer, consultant & co-founder of GiftAbled. She started GiftAbled as a social enterprise which strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals and collectively build a disabled-friendly, just, sensitive and healthy society. A multi-talented, multi-skilled woman with a decade long experience in the development… Continue reading Prarthana Prateek Kaul : #PowerInYou

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Saira Shah Halim: #PowerInYou

    Saira Shah Halim is a poet, educator, theatre personality, viewed corporate trainer and a social activist who’s actively involved with causes such as gender equality, art against fascism and women’s issues.She’s often seen on national television as a social and political commentator. She is also an Executive Committee member of West Bengal Federation… Continue reading Saira Shah Halim: #PowerInYou

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Dr. Viney Kirpal: #PowerInYou

The fight for gender equality has always been a topic of the discussion for the last many years. Women, however, have been breaking all the stereotypes of gender roles by realising their true potential. One such example is Dr Viney Kirpal, who has made a significant effort to fight for the benefit of students ever since she… Continue reading Dr. Viney Kirpal: #PowerInYou