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Volunteering in the land of Chenghis Khan: My experiences in Mongolia

When my profile was matched to Ovurkhangai health Department, Arvikeeir, Mongolia, I had quite a few apprehensions about language, extreme climate and an alien culture. However the fears were allayed sooner than anticipated, as the people were rather friendly and supportive. Having worked in development sector since 1998, especially for issues related to public health,…… Continue reading Volunteering in the land of Chenghis Khan: My experiences in Mongolia

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Volunteering in NIGERIA !

The Beginning After seriously considering the decision of applying for VSO, it was an interesting journey right from writing an application to VSO to all the way until my placement in Nigeria ended. The interviews, assessment day, ‘preparing for change’ sessions etc. was a unique set of experiences. Based on my expertise and past experience,…… Continue reading Volunteering in NIGERIA !

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Ekushe Nigeria

Aswini worked as Organizational Development Advisor for Royal Heritage Health Foundation in Nigeria, where she helped improve the NGO’s organizational capacity and performance as well as initiated new programs that the community has now adopted. As a banker from New York, I was used to working in a fast-paced corporate world where profitability and shareholder…… Continue reading Ekushe Nigeria

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One year in Vanuatu was a dream come true: Volunteer Overseas with VSO

I have more than 20 years experience in the development sector, with HIV/AIDS being a major work area. Before I decided to join the volunteering, I was working as a Manager-CSR in big corporate group and was heading the health vertical for the group. It was challenging and demanding job with extensive travel around.  I…… Continue reading One year in Vanuatu was a dream come true: Volunteer Overseas with VSO

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Volunteer Globally!

iVolunteer Overseas (IVO) is a joint initiative of iVolunteer and VSO. This program gives you, qualified and experienced professionals, the unique opportunity to work in countries in great need for your skills. The remuneration is modest- that’s why the term used to describe these placements is “volunteering assignments”. A volunteering assignment is an incredible avenue…… Continue reading Volunteer Globally!

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Volunteering and Rural connotations (incl. community management)

Agriculture has impacted culture (agriculture is CULTURE too with an A before it!) with festivals centered on the monsoon, harvest, and even animals are usually revered or prized as assets conferring a social stature. It has come to be a way of life,especially in rural areas where land based agriculture is practiced to a great…… Continue reading Volunteering and Rural connotations (incl. community management)