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Volunteering Matters!

We all know that we should always attempt to volunteer a section of our time in serving people and helping those in need. Reminders around us often help in making us realize how this serves the need of the hour. On that note, we know that other people are most likely to benefit from our… Continue reading Volunteering Matters!

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Life through the Lens!

This International Volunteer Day, an army of photographers from Picture Perfect Moments gathered at Topsia Canal Side to capture the miseries, tragedies and hardships these rag pickers have to undergo every day. Members of the team also largely interacted with these persons and interviewed them for a better understanding of their lives. PPM for society was a resourceful… Continue reading Life through the Lens!

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Volunteer’s Boat of Confidence

The definition of volunteering can be summed up in one line – using your skills to impact the social sector. How difficult is it? The answer to this question is best explained below. A small boy notices a consumed plastic bottle floating in the middle of the pond. In flash, his mother’s lessons appear before… Continue reading Volunteer’s Boat of Confidence

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‘V’ For Volunteer

Who am I and how did I start?               A 16 year old student pursuing commerce, to most I might be a nobody. But to Avni, Michael, Rana and Divya, I’m their best friend. To Usha masi and Dinkar kaka, I’m the daughter they never had.                                                                                                                                                                                                      For most part of my life I have been… Continue reading ‘V’ For Volunteer

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Why Student Volunteering matters?

My life would look very different if I had not started Volunteering. Academically good, I am a post graduate having a steady and upward career graph. I aim to create a much bigger network so that I can help the society by introducing and inspiring new volunteers to share and teach their skills to the… Continue reading Why Student Volunteering matters?

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Mumbai: Throw and Grow

The human species is said to be evolving every day of the hour moving towards technology, specifically mobile or movable technology. Over the years computers have been substituted by phones, our grocery stores have been substituted by mobile applications delivering fresh fruits and vegetables right at our doorstep. With the on the going movement of… Continue reading In Mumbai: Throw and Grow