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Volunteering grooms you!!

What happens when one picks up a job which he doesn’t want to but manages to complete it with a victorious grin?? The job becomes the most cherished memory of life for that one. So was the case for a rural volunteering project which was thrown at me in a remote location with limited hands,…… Continue reading Volunteering grooms you!!

Corporate Social Responsibility · Employee Volunteering · Impact Volunteering · Volunteering · Volunteering in India

Why do individuals volunteer?

As an individual who enables volunteering and guides volunteers it is always interesting to know what motivates an individual to volunteer. I am of the firm belief that a volunteer delivers when the decision is taken by the individual  at a conscious level. Basis experience, reading and  what some fellow volunteer mangers have to say…… Continue reading Why do individuals volunteer?

Volunteering · Volunteering in India

Volunteering- Issues and Concerns

As part of our work to reinvent iVolunteer and its offerings we had a small brainstorming session in the iVolunteer ( Delhi  where some of our key people were asked to come out with issues and concerns that NGOs face regarding volunteering. They were asked to spend 10 minutes thinking about it and then…… Continue reading Volunteering- Issues and Concerns