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Volunteering grooms you!!

What happens when one picks up a job which he doesn’t want to but manages to complete it with a victorious grin?? The job becomes the most cherished memory of life for that one. So was the case for a rural volunteering project which was thrown at me in a remote location with limited hands,… Continue reading Volunteering grooms you!!

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When all the bananas of the world united…

I first learnt about the energizer called banana dance in college during our rural camp. Fast forward to 2014 I relived the enjoyment of doing the same energizer during a training program on Volunteer management. Just lately the banana dance was performed with 5th grade students at a school run by a NGO. There were… Continue reading When all the bananas of the world united…

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More Giving is equal to even More Returns….

Today we share with you special volunteering reflection… Goutam Chanda, he takes interest in conducting workshops, interacting with youths. He comes with a reach experience; feedback on his ways has been very impressive.  Here he shares his experiences as a volunteer… My blog…Goutam Chanda  My employer, always help and encourage the employees to uptake &… Continue reading More Giving is equal to even More Returns….

Corporate Social Responsibility · Employee Volunteering · Impact Volunteering · Volunteering · Volunteering in India

Why do individuals volunteer?

As an individual who enables volunteering and guides volunteers it is always interesting to know what motivates an individual to volunteer. I am of the firm belief that a volunteer delivers when the decision is taken by the individual  at a conscious level. Basis experience, reading and  what some fellow volunteer mangers have to say… Continue reading Why do individuals volunteer?

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Interacting with the three worlds !


Permission for cleaning a park! I had no clue.  I hadn’t done this before. I was given the idea to call BBMP office to know the procedure. So I tried the method and finally reached the BBMP Commissioner’s office to submit the permission letter. I realized how crowded the commissioner’s office could get. Many were in queue. I didn’t get a chance to meet him. Leaving the letter for review in the commissioner’s office, my next stop was to visit the park authorities.

While visiting the park authorities, the process began again of taking a printed letter to meet the concerned official. I was first given the contact of an official who then directed to another higher official. The permission was sought but took me four trips to the office. This was my interaction with the world of government authorities – the world of printed letter permissions, of long waits as the official get into urgent meetings, where face-to-face communication overrules emails/phone calls.

For designing activities I had to meet one of the team of a well-known NGO – Janaagraha who are into citizen activism. Here the people are more than happy to spend time to explain you about their work. To fix a meeting a phone call or an email becomes sufficient. They speak with so much passion for their work that it gets contagious and infects one easily. In fact during my meeting at Janaagraha I was inspired to sign up on their online community – I change my city. This is an online community similar to Facebook where residents in Bangalore can complain about a civic issue. The more the number of votes the issue gets it increases the possibility of attracting the attention of the civic authorities. Interacting with an NGO is like interacting with another world. They would want to reach out to people and get them involved in their cause.

This whole exercise happened to set the ball rolling for organizing a corporate volunteering event. So here came the part of interacting with the world of corporate. I had limited interaction with the company that signed up for the volunteering program except for one final meeting to discuss the agenda for the D-Day. This was a world for me of high-tech communication – of conference calls, of replies within one hour through emails. Where meetings are fixed only to fully attend them and a call at 1 pm is a call at 1 pm and not an hour later.

answers_picture Interacting with the government, NGO and the corporate made me don different hats during a similar time period. If at one situation I had to be very patient (this was definitely when I waited for a while in the government offices) then in another I had to be on the run with quick replies/alternatives. Be it the government, the NGO and the corporate, they have their own separate communication styles which required me to understand and conduct myself accordingly. Personally it was a great learning and for a next project I know which doors to knock and most importantly how to knock – does one tap on the door do the trick or many taps for someone inside to at least know you are there outside waiting with a printed permission letter !

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Know more about Skill based volunteering…..

It is not every day that you get to work for a non profit and travel to Singapore to attend an affiliate meeting by Points of Light to learn more about Skill based volunteering. I happen to have this huge experience along with my other asian counterparts who are as crazily involved with volunteering as… Continue reading Know more about Skill based volunteering…..

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Reduce recruitment cost by effective employee engagement!! GYAN Mumbai

Volunteer ‘Surbhi Srivastava’ has been volunteering with iVolunteer since over a year now. Her volunteering includes teaching children at Ashadeep Association. She has also managed the volunteering team effectively by scheduling volunteering assignments for her fellow volunteers at Ashadeep Association. Surbhi brings with her over 10 years of experience in various HR functions and has… Continue reading Reduce recruitment cost by effective employee engagement!! GYAN Mumbai