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Volunteering and Volunteer managing!!

I first met Kiran about one and a half years ago, when she was working as a Volunteer Manager at one of our partner NGOs. Our conversations ranged from why skill based volunteering, best practices and how to keep volunteers motivated! When she took a break from work, she registered with iVolunteer and was keen […]

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Leveraging top talent to meet the community’s greatest needs!!

Saumya, a senior professional from a well established corporate volunteers during her lunch hours by talking to several vendors in getting a website done for a start up non-profit. Kumar, another senior professional volunteers his time at a start up which mentors children on various career paths. He started as a mentor for five children […]

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Why do Volunteers QUIT?

Volunteers are unpaid temporary/ part time employees of NGOs. It is the passion and zeal to do something good for the social good of the country that individuals come forward to volunteer for a cause that they support. The idea to make even a minor difference through their efforts is what motivates them to take […]