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Know more about Skill based volunteering…..

It is not every day that you get to work for a non profit and travel to Singapore to attend an affiliate meeting by Points of Light to learn more about Skill based volunteering. I happen to have this huge experience along with my other asian counterparts who are as crazily involved with volunteering as…… Continue reading Know more about Skill based volunteering…..

Impact Volunteering

To be a Change Agent: Step 1 – Volunteer

Tell us something about yourself? I am an IT consultant, working for IBM. Have 20 years of work experience in consulting and IT project management. I am based out of Mumbai for the past 20 years, having relocated here from Delhi Why did you decide to volunteer? I wanted to make a positive difference to the…… Continue reading To be a Change Agent: Step 1 – Volunteer

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Scribbling of a Volunteer

Writing is my passion and profession too. But as I sit here thinking what to write about iVolunteer, I experience this overwhelming feeling, with so many thoughts and memories rushing back that I don’t know how to begin and from where. Few weeks back, I attended the Impact Gup-Shup (Volunteer Meet) at Ugrasen Ki Baoli…… Continue reading Scribbling of a Volunteer

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Volunteer Globally!

iVolunteer Overseas (IVO) is a joint initiative of iVolunteer and VSO. This program gives you, qualified and experienced professionals, the unique opportunity to work in countries in great need for your skills. The remuneration is modest- that’s why the term used to describe these placements is “volunteering assignments”. A volunteering assignment is an incredible avenue…… Continue reading Volunteer Globally!


Working Together towards ‘Change’

Since the last issue, we have been speaking to many people and volunteers on being active citizens, working together, asking themselves “who am I” and “What change am I going to influence today”. Perhaps a very simplistic definition of ‘actively working together’ in a representative democracy like ours is to maintain a balance between our…… Continue reading Working Together towards ‘Change’